Friday, March 13, 2009

Prolog on OSX

In my last post I solved a logical problem with prolog. If you want to get gprolog on your mac to play around with yourself, the easiest way to get it by far is to use macports. There are 4 very simple steps (one of them is optional even!).

Step 0:

open up the Terminal application.

Step 1 (Optional):
update your macports installation with the command:
sudo port -d selfupdate

Step 2:
upgrade your installed programs with the command
sudo port -d upgrade installed

Step 3:
install gprolog with the command
sudo port install gprolog

That's it. Now you can just type 'gprolog' to enter the prolog interactive interpreter. To load a file '', simply type
into the interpreter and then you can play around with any functions/axioms defined in that file.

See my last post to look at an example prolog file, and see how to load files and use there functions.

See this post to learn how to install macports on your mac.

enjoy, everyone ^.^

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